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Dr. Sofia Luque is a board-certified pediatric dentist committed to providing the highest quality of care for children’s oral health needs. With advanced training and expertise, she has met the rigorous standards of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD), demonstrating a deep understanding of the latest developments in the field. 

Dr. Sofia Luque comes to Austin from Birmingham, Alabama, where she completed a residency in pediatric dentistry in 2008 and a master’s degree in dental biomaterials in 2006, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She received her DDS in 2003 from Lima-Peru.

Her background in Peru and Alabama has been very comprehensive, and it has shaped her approach to the practice of pediatric dentistry. She has worked to improve environments where children having untreated caries leads to malnutrition, and where a simple lack of information and dental education has caused many people to receive poor medical care. These experiences have motivated Dr. Luque to provide compassion and care to children, and to take educational approach with children and the entire family.

Through Dr. Luque’s research activities, she has interacted with several dental professional organizations, such as the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the International Association of Dental Research, all organization of which she remains an active member. In addition to the Texas Dental Association, Capital Area Dental Society and Capital Area Pediatric Dental Society.

What is a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist?

A board-certified pediatric dentist is a dental specialist who has completed advanced education and training in the dental care of infants, children, and adolescents, as well as individuals with special health care needs. They have also passed a rigorous examination administered by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, which demonstrates their expertise in this area of practice. Board-certified pediatric dentists are dedicated to providing comprehensive oral health care that is tailored to the unique needs and development of each child. They focus on preventive care, early detection and treatment of dental problems, and educating families about proper oral hygiene habits to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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